CJI welcomes progress on improving response to business crime

CJI Chief Inspector Jacqui Durkin has commended the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) for their considerable progress in implementing inspection recommendations made by CJI to improve how business crime is dealt with in Northern Ireland.
“Our Business Crime follow up review demonstrates that a focused approach to implementing inspection recommendations can help deliver improved outcomes.    Five recommendations were achieved with a further recommendation partially achieved.

“Partnership working between the police and business community at a leadership and operational level has improved with better information sharing achieved,” said the Chief Inspector.

“The progress made shows the business community that business crime is a policing priority and that maintaining positive working relationships are key. The police designated leads for business and rural crime are an example of that. 
“From a policing perspective, better information sharing arrangements have led to the identification of crime patterns involving local businesses that has supported a more co-ordinated police response and opportunities for the police to seek assistance from businesses around missing persons searches and other appeals,” she continued.

Ms Durkin said the involvement of the retail sector in police training also means operational police officers were gaining an insight into the impact business crime had on business owners, managers and their staff.

“We recognise the support provided by the Department of Justice, Northern Ireland Policing Board and Policing and Community Safety Partnerships to achieving these positive outcomes. I welcome the work ongoing with the Business Crime Partnership to further improve links between business and the PSNI and their commitment to working to achieve an agreed definition of business crime in the future.