Inspection Programme

CJI is required to compile an inspection programme detailing the work it intends to undertake during the course of each year. The inspection programme, which runs from the start of each financial year, ensures CJI fulfils its legal responsibilities, by carrying out inspections of the agencies that make up the criminal justice system on a regular basis, in proportion to their significance and role within the system.
While CJI will always aim to complete its inspection programme within the financial year, it can when appropriate or requested delay/postpone the start of an inspection in consultation with the agency/agencies involved to ensure the  inspection work does not place an undue burden on the organisation in question. This also can allow the Inspectorate to take into account developments within an organisation that are nearing completion and may impact on the relevance of the inspection findings.
CJI can also be asked at any time to undertake specific pieces of work at the request of the Minister for Justice.
The inspection programme is drawn up by CJI’s senior management and members of the Inspection Team in consultation with representatives of the various CJOs who put forward outline topics for consideration. 
CJI strives to ensure the inspection programme will bring real benefit to the criminal justice system by securing improvement and will help secure increased public support for the system by addressing issues of interest and concern to the local community.
The outline programme is then discussed with stakeholders at the annual conference. Inspection topics are refined following the conference and agreed with the CJOs. 
The inspection programme is then submitted to the Minister of Justice for Northern Ireland for approval.
Once approval is secured the finalised inspection programme is included in CJI’s Business Plan for the year and shared with our partner agencies.