Inspectorate calls for further action on road traffic enforcement

A follow-up review on work to implement CJI inspection recommendations aimed at improving road safety and enforcement of road traffic laws has found only two of five recommendations have been fully achieved.
Chief Inspector Jacqui Durkin spoke of the life-changing impact on families when road collisions resulted in the serious injury or death of a loved one as the report was published.  In 2019, 56 people died and hundreds were seriously injured following collisions on Northern Ireland’s roads.

“I welcome the mutual recognition of disqualified drivers in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland along with the greater use of technology by PSNI officers to detect uninsured drivers, and Driver and Vehicle Agency enforcement staff to ensure those using the road network for work or business purposes,  do so legally,” said Ms Durkin

“However more can still be done and I am disappointed a recommendation to set up a specialist Traffic Court in Northern Ireland has not at least been piloted,” said the Chief Inspector.

Ms Durkin also voiced her support for PSNI and An Garda Síochána officers to have automatic access to each other’s records to help identify disqualified drivers who may be driving in the neighbouring jurisdiction.

“Effective legislative change and law enforcement are required, together with ongoing driver education and public awareness, to deliver better road safety for all,” she concluded.