Chief Inspector publishes report on Child Sexual Exploitation

CJI’s Chief Inspector Jacqui Durkin has raised concerns about the effectiveness of current arrangements in place within the criminal justice system to protect children.

Ms Durkin said the CJI inspection of the criminal justice system’s response to child sexual exploitation had highlighted a lack of clear leadership and strategic direction around tackling child sexual exploitation.  It also identified concerning gaps in the operational practice of the police with the risk of serious consequences for the safety of the children involved.

“Child sexual exploitation is CSE-Infog-450-x-250-with-caption1.jpghappening here in our towns, cities and rural communities. It is child abuse and it can involve children who live with their parents just as much as those who are in care, or have been in care before.  It can have a devastating impact on victims and requires a strategic joined-up response,” said Ms Durkin.

“It is important we have clear understanding of the scale and nature of the problem so we fully understand risks to children from those who seek to sexually exploit them, and enhance our knowledge about what is required to effectively disrupt perpetrators and protect children,” she said.

The Chief Inspector also recommended the police address gaps in operational practice identified during the inspection fieldwork.
“This inspection makes two strategic and seven operational recommendations to enable a better criminal justice system response to child sexual exploitation and better outcomes for our children and young people,” she said.