CJI says Hello Twitter

CJI has used social media for the first time to launch its 2020-23 Corporate Plan and Business Plan and Inspection Programme for 2020-21.

“I am pleased to be launching my first Corporate Plan and annual Business Plan incorporating the 2020-21 Inspection Programme on both CJI’s new Twitter account @CJININews and our YouTube channel.,” said Jacqui Durkin, Chief Inspector.

“More use of social media provides opportunities to connect with people and organisations with an interest in the NI criminal justice system in in our community and across the world. We look forward to using and building on our social media presence during our new Corporate Plan period and delivery of the annual Inspection Programme.

“I hope our social media presence will enable more people to learn about CJI and increase awareness about the work we are doing towards our vision of a better justice system for all,” said Ms Durkin.