Progress on Youth Conference recommendations welcomed


CJI’s Deputy Chief Inspector James Corrigan has welcomed the progress made by the Youth Justice Agency to implement recommendations aimed at improving how youth conferences are delivered...

Youth conferencing is rooted in restorative practice and provides children and young people with an opportunity to understand and make amends for the consequences of their offending behaviour, while taking steps to prevent future reoffending,” said James Corrigan.


Inspectors found that three of the four recommendations made by CJI in 2015 had been implemented and that the landscape in which youth conferencing is delivered have changed since the last inspection.


“Work had been undertaken to increase the number of youth conferences taking place within Woodlands Juvenile Justice Centre and information sharing between JJC staff and Youth Justice Services’ staff involved in delivering youth conferences had also improved. Engagement with PPS prosecutors was also better,” he said.


The Deputy Chief Inspector also voiced his support for the development of a new framework which would enable the Youth Justice Agency to work with the Department of Health to develop its services including restorative practices for children in care homes.