July - September

CJI has published the findings of a review of the pre-release testing arrangements operated by the Northern Ireland Prison Service. 
United Nations experts are preparing a report on detention after concluding a 12-day visit to the United Kingdom during which they visited a number of different locations and places of detention.
A new CJI inspection report looking at Policing and Community Safety Partnerships (PCSPs) has found improvements in their operation five years after the publication of CJI’s initial inspection findings.

James Corrigan, Deputy Chief Inspector with CJI welcomed the reduction of administration costs and work ongoing to support local communities.

But he indicated there was room for further development in terms of the PCSPs’ public profile, governance and operational arrangements.

To support further progress Mr Corrigan said CJI Inspectors have made a number of recommendations which if implemented, would help to bring PCSPs closer to delivering the meaningful accountability and partnership between the community and the Police Service of Northern Ireland envisioned as part of the new beginning for policing within the Patten Report when it was published in 1999.

Today CJI Inspectors are joined by colleagues from the Probation Board for Northern Ireland (PBNI) to commence a two day training workshop delivered by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Probation (HMI Probation) in England and Wales.  The workshop is part of the preparations for CJI’s forthcoming inspection of probation practice in Northern Ireland.  The three organisations recently worked together to develop a bespoke inspection methodology to enable assessments to be undertaken of the quality of practice in Northern Ireland relation to cases supervised by PBNI.  At the end of the two day session CJI Inspectors and PBNI Area Managers, who have been selected to be Local Assessors for the inspection, will have been trained in the methodology in preparation for working alongside Inspectors from HMI Probation as part of the inspection team undertaking fieldwork in the Autumn.  This innovative partnership approach will ensure the inspection appropriately assesses practice in a local context.  It will also ensure probation staff are well placed to take forward the organisational learning resulting from the inspection to support the further development of probation practice.

The Department of Justice (DoJ) has launched a competition to appoint a new Chief Inspector of Criminal Justice for Northern Ireland.

The position is widely viewed as one of the most challenging positions within the public sector in Northern Ireland.  Further details on the role, candidate information packs and application forms may be obtained by accessing the Public Appointments page of the Department of Justice website - www.justice-ni.gov.uk/
Candidates can also email [email protected]; telephone 028 9016 9537, or apply in writing to Chief Inspector CJI Appointment Team, Legacy and Justice Transformation Branch, Massey House, Stormont Estate, Belfast BT4 3SX.

Applications for the post, which has been advertised both locally and nationally, close at 12 noon on Friday 9 August 2019.

CJI's Chief Executive James Corrigan, has today published the 2018-19 Annual Report and Accounts for CJI. Copies of the report can be downloaded by clicking on the link.
CJI’s latest inspection report on the contribution of the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector to the criminal justice system has reported that short term funding is creating instability for bodies providing support services...