CJI publishes report on PSNI-OPONI relationship

A new report by CJI has indicated the Police Service is cooperating  with the Police Ombudsman's Office when required to provide sensitive information for the purpose of investigation.  View Report Page

CJI's Chief Inspector Brendan McGuigan indicated a recently signed Memorandum of Understanding between the two organisations was a beneficial development which would require continued commitment from both sides to build trust and deliver a productive and professional working relationship.
"It is in the interests of both the PSNI and the OPONI that a mutually beneficially working relationship is developed as the legitimacy of the police to uphold and enforce the law is strengthened when the public are confident that their complaints about unlawful or unacceptable police behaviour, will be fully investigated by an independent, civilian oversight body," said Mr McGuigan.
"This inspection has identified six areas where further improvement could be made and we would urge the leadership of the PSNI and the OPONI to ensure they fully discharge their statutory responsibilities to each other whilst retaining the operational independence necessary to maintain public confidence in their activities," concluded Mr McGuigan.