October - December

A CJI inspection report has called for greater commitment, ambition and creativity to be applied if current Department of Justice plans to implement 90% of the Youth Justice Review recommendations in 2014 are to be met. View Report Page
A new report by CJI has indicated the Police Service is cooperating  with the Police Ombudsman's Office when required to provide sensitive information for the purpose of investigation.  View Report Page
Brendan McGuigan has called for radical reform of the Northern Ireland Legal Services Commission in order to stop increasing legal aid costs and inefficiencies. View Report Page
The cost and impact of the past on Northern Ireland's criminal justice agencies is revealed in a new inspection report by CJI. View Report Page
The contribution made by approved premises to the criminal justice system has been praised by CJI's Chief Inspector Brendan McGuigan in a new report published today.  View Report Page
CJI's Chief Inspector Brendan McGuigan called for greater focus to be applied to strengthening arrangements to deal with domestic violence and abuse incidents.  View Report Page.
A new report by CJI has identified improvements in how sexual violence and abuse is addressed by the criminal justice system. View report page.
Two new inspection reports looking at Hydebank Wood Young Offenders Centre and Ash House, Northern Ireland Women's prison have challenged the leadership teams at both facilities to deliver better outcomes for prisoners within their care.  View report page.