Inspection of Accuracy, Administration and Assurance of Court Orders

Inspection reveals significant improvements by the NICTS to administrative arrangements dealing with court orders, leading to an accuracy level of 99.2%. View Report Page.

This CJI report, published Thursday 12 September 2013. examined the work undertaken to address weaknesses in the administration of court orders identified as part of the Inspectorate’s 2010 review of the handling of sexual abuse cases [involving the McDermott brothers] in Donagh, County Fermanagh. 
The Chief Inspector of Criminal Justice in Northern Ireland, Brendan McGuigan commented:  “As a result of the weaknesses identified, the NICTS undertook an extensive review of the factors leading up to the errors.  It has sought to identify the main risks to the accurate recording of court orders and has invested in the development of its systems and how it engages with other criminal justice agencies.”
With almost 360,000 court orders issued each year and 302 different types of orders issued in January 2013 alone, Mr McGuigan stressed the work of the NICTS to improve its systems had a bearing on public safety.
CJI has identified four areas for improvement in this report, which if implemented will serve to further strengthen the existing arrangements.