Follow-Up review tracks progress by PBNI in relation to Community Service scheme

CJI's Chief Inspector Brendan McGuigan has praised  the Probation Board for the work undertaken to address recommendations made to improve its Community Service scheme. View Report Page

A follow-up review published today revealed that since 2010, eight of the 15 inspection recommendations had been achieved and a further six partially achieved.
"Inspectors recommended three years ago that PBNI should increase the level of offenders commencing work within 10 days of a Community Service Order being made and the average number of hours worked.  This follow-up review found that positive steps had been taken by the Probation Board in respect of each of these areas with 18% more offenders now commencing work within 10 days of their Community Service order being made when compared to 2010."
The PBNI was also found to have improved the number of offenders complying fully with their Community Service Orders. 
In publishing the follow-up review, Mr McGuigan added that the increase in the number of offenders undertaking community service was to be welcomed as is was a tangible result of the investment by the PBNI in delivering suitable alternatives to custody.