Inspector attends Council of Europe workshop on domestic violence

In December 2010 CJI published its thematic inspection of the handling of domestic violence and abuse cases by the criminal justice system in Northern Ireland. 

Rachel Lindsay led this inspection and in November 2011 Rachel was asked to participate in a workshop organised by the Council of Europe in Cappadocia, Turkey regarding domestic violence and abuse. The workshop aimed to 'support the Turkish inspection body responsible for evaluating the multidisciplinary approach to dealing with cases of domestic violence'.
Rachel was asked to share her experiences in undertaking the inspection in Northern Ireland by delivering presentations on:
·         the multidisciplinary approach to domestic violence in Northern Ireland;
·         the inspection process; and,
·         the inspection findings and recommendations.
There were a number of similar issues facing the Turkish administration to those facing UK authorities in terms of human rights, culture and legislation support for victims and resources. 
The discussion sessions enabled the Turkish delegates to consider their approach to domestic violence and develop their inspection standards against which current practice would be evaluated. 

The presentation can be viewed here.