July - September

An action plan prepared in response to CJI's thematic inspection of the ways in which legal services are provided by the criminal justice system has been submitted to the Inspectorate today.  The action plan which has been approved by the Minister of Justice, David Ford MLA outlines the work which will be undertaken by the Department of Justice, the Public Prosecution Service, the Northern Ireland Courts and Tribunals Service and other criminal justice organisations in response to CJI's inspection recommendations.
CJI inspectors will examine progress against the inspection recommendations and commitments outlined in the action plan when the organisation carries out its follow-up review to assess progress between 18 months to two years after the publication of the inspection report.
Dr Michael Maguire briefed the Justice Committee on the use of Legal Services by the Criminal Justice System. Dr Maguire called for action to improve how legal services are currently provided. View Report Summary Ebook, View PDF
The Probation Board for Northern Ireland (PBNI) has provided CJI with an action plan in response to recommendations made in its inspection of pre-sentence reports.

CJI's Chief Inspector Dr Michael Maguire has indicated the independence of the Office of the Police Ombudsman has been lowered in an inspection report published today.  View press release. View full report. View e-book.

CJI has published the findings of an inspection examining the governance arrangements in place for the Parole Commissioners for Northern Ireland (PCNI).
Criminal Justice Inspection Northern Ireland is currently consulting on its revised Equality Scheme together with its Equality Action Plan. The consultation period will commence on 5 August until 31th October 2011.  View PDF.
Despite the majority of work undertaken by CRJI not meeting the threshold for inclusion under the Government’s Protocol for community-based restorative justice, Inspectors welcomed positive developments within the organisation and the value placed on their partnerships with other bodies. View press release. View Report.
CJI’s latest report looking into youth diversion in Northern Ireland highlights the importance, where possible, of dealing with young people appropriately through diversionary measures. View press release. View Report. View e-book summary.