CJI publishes a report on the Juvenile Justice Centre


A report on the Woodlands Juvenile Justice Centre (JJC) has commended the professional practice and continued improvements at Woodlands. View press release. View full report. View Ebook summary.

Dr Michael Maguire, Chief Inspector of Criminal Justice Inspection Northern Ireland said, “We found that the JJC continues to provide high levels of care and control to children sent into custody. Inspectors found the JJC was fulfilling its legislative remit to Protect the public by accommodating children ordered to be detained therein in a safe, secure and caring environment; and work to reintegrate children into the community.’”
They were impressed by prompt access to healthcare, individualised education packages, detailed case planning with close involvement of families and very low rates of physical restraint compared to similar providers. The food was good, children could personalise their rooms, and high levels of personal hygiene were facilitated.
The report also recommends that all 17-year-old boys should be transferred from the Young Offenders Centre (YOC) at Hydebank Wood to the JJC.
“This is something we have recommended in a recent inspection reports on the YOC and resettlement within the Northern Ireland Prison Service. Girls have not been held in a YOC since 2008, and while the process has begun for boys, it needs to be completed,” concluded Dr Maguire.