Improvements required in use of legal services says Inspectorate


CJI has called for action to improvements the way legal services are provided across the justice system in Northern Ireland in a new report published today. View press release. View Report. View e-book summary.


With around £100 million being spent on legal services each year by the criminal justice system, CJI has identified a number of areas where current practice could be improved which would  generate better value for money across the justice system.
Speaking after the publication of the report CJI's Dr Michael Maguire said that the purchasing of legal services lacked the discipline used and expected for other professional services.  He also indicated that the difference in payments made to prosecution and defence counsel also needed to be addressed.  The Chief Inspector has recommended that the Northern Ireland Courts and Tribunals Service and Public Prosecution Service should work together to develop a common approach to achieve convergence between the level of prosecution and legal aid fees.