Step 4 - Contact Us

If you cannot find the information you want, we will try finding it for you.  Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and the Data Protection Act 1998 CJI is committed to making as much information as it can freely available.
There will be certain occasions when we will be unable to disclose information to you. These circumstances are set out in the section of the FoI Act relating to exemptions.
To assist us in providing you with access to the information you want you must:
  • Make your request in writing or email
  • The request should contain:           
- details about the specific information you are seeking
- a contact name and address which may be an e-mail address. In the event of complex requests or potentially sensitive information a telephone number at which you can be contacted would be helpful.
- how you would like to receive the information, eg, as a copy, summary or by physically inspecting the record. Please identify any accessibility requirements you may have and if you need to receive the information in an alternative format, eg, large print, tape, Braille, etc.
Make your request to our Freedom of Information Officer via – [email protected] or by writing to the following address:
Freedom of Information Officer,
Criminal Justice Inspection Northern Ireland
Block 1, Knockview Buildings      
BT4 3SJ      
Tel: 028 9076 5764
It will help us respond appropriately to you if you can be as clear as possible about the information you want. This will help us find the correct information more quickly. 


Remember also to enclose details of where we can send the information.  (If you wish it would be helpful to include a telephone number or an e-mail address where we can contact you in case we are unclear about what you want.)
What we must do: 
  • Tell you whether or not we hold the information that you have requested.
  • Grant you a general right of access to all types of recorded information we hold, with certain exemptions.
  • Write to you within 20 working days, supplying the information you requested or explaining why we cannot supply it.