CJI completes work on issues arising from the Donagh sexual abuses cases

Criminal Justice Inspection Northern Ireland (CJI) has completed its inspection into issues arising from sexual offence cases involving the McDermott brothers from Donagh Co. Fermanagh.

The Inspectorate’s report on the handling of sexual offences cases by the justice system in Northern Ireland has been submitted to the Minister of Justice, David Ford MLA and shared with the survivors involved in the McDermott brothers cases. 
The report was published today (09 November) by the Minister of Justice.
Speaking following the report’s publication, Dr Michael Maguire, Chief Inspector of Criminal Justice said: “As part of this work we looked at the circumstances surrounding the investigation, prosecution, management and disposal of the cases against the McDermott brothers.
“Inspectors examined how the criminal justice agencies involved in this case engaged with the survivors and with each other. It also examined the quality of administrative practices and processes in the relevant justice agencies.” 
Dr Maguire continued: “A critical dimension of our work has been in understanding the views of survivors and the wider community in Donagh on their experience of the justice system and the handling of the cases.
“I would express my sincere thanks to all those who co-operated with this inspection, particularly the survivors and those Donagh community representatives who gave freely of their time to discuss these difficult issues,” he concluded.