A new inspection report published today (17 December 2012) on Maghaberry Prison has found that standards have improved in the three years since the facility was last inspected.

A new inspection report by Criminal Justice Inspection Northern Ireland (CJI) has examined how the justice system addresses the issue of anti-social behaviour.

Criminal Justice Inspection Northern Ireland (CJI) has welcomed the progress made by the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) to embed the ethos of Policing with the Community across the organisation in its latest inspection report.
Criminal Justice Inspection has today repeated its call for the implementation of a robust and effective enforcement process to be put in place to minimise the inappropriate and expensive use of police and prison resources in dealing with people who default on the terms of a court order.
Without commitment from Ministers and those responsible for health and social care, education and criminal justice to implementing an early intervention approach, Northern Ireland will not be able to effectively tackle the problems emerging for at risk children, young people and their families.
Brendan McGuigan has been appointed as Acting Chief Inspector of Criminal Justice Inspection Northern Ireland with immediate effect.
Life sentence prisoners are being well managed in Northern Ireland, both in prison and while under supervision in the community, though there are key areas that require improvement to ensure public protection and confidence in the criminal justice system.
The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) has made significant improvements in dealing with the public and its handling of emergency and non-emergency calls, however the Contact Management Strategy of the PSNI must be continuously reviewed to ensure user satisfaction in the long term.  
The Public Prosecution Service (PPS) must make further progress towards more full and open engagement with all victims, insofar as might be possible within the limitations of the law.
THE Northern Ireland Courts and Tribunals Service (NICTS) must address the issue of an Estate Strategy, as it is unlikely there will be the capital funding available to deliver on proposed changes to the current courts’ estate. 
NORTHERN Ireland needs a Witness Charter, following a report of the use of special measures in the criminal justice system by the Criminal Justice Inspection Northern Ireland (CJI).
WHILE there has been significant effort by the Northern Ireland Prison Service (NIPS) the Criminal Justice Inspection is disappointed at the overall pace of change.
This is the conclusion of the Criminal Justice Inspection Northern Ireland in a follow-up to a report published in November 2010 into mistaken prisoner releases. There has been a further four erroneous releases since the initial report.
PROGRESS in the treatment of prisoners with mental health problems has been slow.
While some improvements have been made a report published today by Criminal Justice Inspection Northern Ireland shows that many challenges remain.
Entitled, ‘Not a Marginal Issue: Mental health and the criminal justice system in Northern Ireland’ the report is a follow-up to an inspection made in March 2010.
Improvements have been made in the management of cleaning processes and cleanliness of the environment at Roe House, Maghaberry Prison, but continuous attention is required to ensure that all necessary steps are being taken to minimise potential risks of the spread of infection to prisoners and prison staff.
RQIA and CJI have today published a review of the implementation of the protocol for joint investigation of alleged or suspected cases of abuse of vulnerable adults. The protocol, launched in July 2009, aims to protect vulnerable adults through the promotion of a multiagency approach to investigation, involving health and social care trusts, the PSNI and RQIA.
A collaborative Ministerial approach should seek to improve delivery of education and skills provision in Northern Ireland’s prisons as it continues to deteriorate.
THE Causeway system has now become an integral part of the criminal justice system impacting on its effectiveness and efficiency.

FUTURE improvements in the treatment of vulnerable prisoners within the criminal justice system are unlikely unless there is a change in the attitudes and behaviours of some members of the Northern Ireland Prison Service.

CRIMINAL Justice Inspection in Northern Ireland has repeated its call for the introduction of statutory time limits in order to reduce the levels of avoidable delay throughout the justice system.
Dr Michael Maguire has welcomed the publication of a feasibility study on Community Impact Assessment.