CJI asks local communities what matters?

What matters to you? That’s the question Criminal Justice Inspection Northern Ireland (CJI) is asking local communities across Northern Ireland to answer through a new survey launched this week.

The review, which can be accessed via the Inspectorate’s website www.cjini.org, aims to find out directly from local people what are the main issues concerning crime and how it is dealt with that interest them. 
 “Criminal Justice Inspection is an independent Inspectorate set up in 2004 that, over the last three years, has been involved in assessing the work and performance of over 20 organisations including the Police Service, Prison Service and Public Prosecution Service,” explained Kit Chivers, Chief Inspector of Criminal Justice in Northern Ireland.
“It has published over 30 reports looking at a variety of issues including the management of sex offenders, how victims and witnesses are supported and assisted by the criminal justice system, and the work of the DoE in tackling amongst others the illegal fuel trade and illegal dumping.
“As the Inspectorate is now starting to plan the work it will undertake from 2009 onwards, we want to find out from members of the public we would not normally be in contact with through the course of our work, what are the main areas of concern - the big issues - for them,” said the Chief Inspector.
Mr Chivers stressed that while the Inspectorate cannot investigate individual cases, feedback received through the survey will be incorporated into the inspection programme, and will be used to identify where the public feel improvement is most needed in the criminal justice system.
“Criminal justice is an ever changing and developing area. It impacts on every age group and people from all walks of life, so we want to ensure as many people as possible know who we are and what we do, so they can help shape our work plan for the coming years alongside those who represent the agencies we inspect.
“The best way to ensure your voice is heard is by spending a few minutes taking part in our community consultation exercise by logging onto the CJI website - www.cjini.org - finding out more about the work we’re engaged in and completing the short survey,” he concluded.
Members of the local community can also participate by contacting CJI by phone on 028 90 258000 to request a form which can be returned anonymously or by writing to CJI, 6th Floor, 14 Great Victoria Street, Belfast BT2 7BA.