CJI publishes Business-Plan 2023-24 and Corporate Plan-2023-26

Criminal Justice Inspection Northern Ireland (CJI) has today (25 July 2023) published its Business Plan 2023-24 and Corporate Plan 2023-26. 

New three-year Corporate Plan and annual Business Plan published.

Chief Inspector Jacqui Durkin has published CJI’s Corporate Plan for the next three years and the organisation’s 2023-24 Business Plan incorporating its annual Inspection Programme.

“The Corporate Plan sets out the Inspectorate’s strategic priorities for 2023-26 and our objectives to support the delivery of an ambitious annual Inspection Programme,” said Ms Durkin.

“The last Corporate Plan period saw challenges no one could have predicted including a global pandemic as well as the restoration and continuing dissolution of the Northern Ireland Executive.  In the next three years we will build on our previous work, further develop our business and improve how we communicate CJI’s inspections and reviews to as wide an audience as possible.

“We will continue to deliver Inspection Programmes that focus on areas of risk, meet our responsibilities as a National Preventive Mechanism member organisation and maximise and maintain our strong partnerships with other Inspection and oversight bodies.  As CJI looks towards its 20th anniversary, we remain committed to delivering quality independent and impartial inspections aimed at improving the criminal justice system for all,” said the Chief Inspector.

CJI’s 2023-26 Corporate Plan and Business Plan for 2023-24  is available to view on the website or you can listen to CJI Chief Inspector Jacqui Durkin and Chief Executive James Corrigan talk about the Corporate Plan in the latest episode of the Criminal Justice Inspection Unpacked podcast.