CJI publishes annual Business Plan and Inspection Programme for 2021-22

CJI’s Chief Inspector Jacqui Durkin and Chief Executive James Corrigan have published the Inspectorate’s annual Business Plan and Inspection Programme for 2021-22.
“I am pleased to present our Business Plan for this financial year which details our objectives and targets which we have aligned with the Programme for Government and our aim of achieving a better justice system for all,” said Mr Corrigan.
“During this year we will use inspection to deliver performance improvement in the criminal justice system to achieve a better experience and better outcomes for those who use its services.
“Our targets for the year cover the four areas of the Inspection Programme, Corporate Governance, Communication and People,” he said.
Reflecting on the Inspection Programme for 2021-22, Ms Durkin said it had been aligned with the themes identified in the three-year Corporate Plan of better services and delivery; better efficiency and effectiveness; better protection and safeguarding; better strategy and governance; and better outcomes.
“The Inspection Programme was developed following consultation with inspected organisations and stakeholders, but the final decision on its content was my own,” explained the Chief Inspector.
“We have developed an ambitious programme for 2021-22 which features current inspections in progress, inspections carried forward – some of which require on-site fieldwork - and new inspections.
“In publishing this Business Plan and Inspection Programme, we recognise that the last year has been challenging for all inspected organisations, especially those engaged in delivering front-line services, and that the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic will continue this financial year.
“In 2021-22 we intend to continue new ways of working we developed during 2020-21 and will undertake meetings and focus groups using video conferencing technology where this is better for our stakeholders,” she said.

To view the Youtube video please click on the link CJI annual Business Plan and Inspection Programme for 2021-22.