Short term funding ‘challenging’ for voluntary, community and social enterprise sector

CJI’s latest inspection report on the contribution of the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector to the criminal justice system has reported that short term funding is creating instability for bodies providing support services...
The voluntary, community and social enterprise sector, also known as the Third Sector, undertakes significant work and has shown itself to be both resilient and innovative,” said CJI’s Chief Inspector Brendan McGuigan
“But short term funding arrangements have created uncertainty and instability within the Third Sector as it limits the ability of the organisations to retain staff and effectively plan for the future by developing and implementing projects to deliver longer term outcomes and objectives.”

This situation he said was compounded by the lack of a functioning Northern Ireland Assembly and political representatives to advocate on the behalf of these types of organisations.

Mr McGuigan said he welcomed work currently between the DoJ and other Departments to develop a more sustainable, effective funding relationship with voluntary and community organisations.