CJI commences inspection on The Safety of Prisoners held by the Northern Ireland Prison Service

Inspectors are about to commence an inspection on the safety of prisoners held by the Northern Ireland Prison Service (NIPS). This follows a previous Inspection on the same subject undertaken by Inspectors in 2014 and published in October 2014.  A copy of this report is available on the CJI website and can be accessed here.
The core purpose of the NIPS is to improve public safety by reducing the risk of reoffending through the management and rehabilitation of offenders in custody, and delivery against this core purpose is supported by the strategic aims of NIPS, the first of which is ‘safe, secure and decent custody’. The safety of prisoners is therefore central to the work of the NIPS, and crucial for public confidence in the Prison Service.
Inspectors will meet with a range of justice and stakeholder organisations who work in this area.  Any organisations or individuals who are interested in contributing to this important work should contact the inspection team by email to [email protected].