Chief Inspector calls for government led approach to hate crime

CJI’s Chief Inspector Brendan McGuigan has called for a wider government approach to be adopted to tackle hate crime in Northern Ireland.  View Report Page.
Speaking following the publication of the Inspectorate’s latest report Mr McGuigan said leadership was required from all parts of civic society which emphasised the clear, consistent message that hate incidents would not be tolerated.
“When an individual experiences a hate incident the impact can be significant both for the individual but also the community in which they live.  Intolerance and prejudice which exists in our society must be addressed and this cannot be left to the criminal justice system alone.  The whole of society has a role to play in confronting and finding solutions to it.
“That is why we have recommended a cross-departmental approach linked to outcome based accountability measures would be beneficial in addressing hate crime alongside actions which improve the response of the criminal justice system,” he said.