Follow-up review highlights information on prosecution decisions vital to victims and witnesses.

CJI’s latest follow-up review, published today, highlights the importance of providing information on prosecution decisions to victims and witnesses, and welcomes the progress made by the PPS in implementing recommendations designed to take this forward. View Report Page.

‘Telling Them Why’ – CJI’s follow-up review of its 2012 inspection report of the same title, indicates three recommendations have been achieved (43%) and four partially achieved (57%) representing satisfactory overall progress. 
Northern Ireland's Chief Inspector of Criminal Justice Brendan McGuigan said: "It is vital the agencies and organisations of the criminal justice system and the PPS especially, provide as much information as possible to individuals on the reasons why a decision is made. This is particularly important when a prosecution decision is amended, reduced or a decision not to proceed is made.
“We welcome the work undertaken to date by the PPS but recognise the impact of austerity will present its own challenges in terms of balancing the rights and expectations of victims and witnesses with a proportionate response from the PPS and other justice agencies.”