Juvenile Justice Centre praised but future change required

CJI Chief Inspector Brendan McGuigan has called on the  Woodlands Juvenile Justice Centre (JJC) to implement changes to meet the future challenges it will face.  View report page.

Mr McGuigan praised the work of the JJC for improving the child custody system in Northern Ireland and its part in ensuring no child under 18 is held in adult custody.
"Woodlands JJC accommodates some of the most difficult children in our society.  Ensuring no child under 18 is held in adult custody is a significant achievement but the impact of having older children held in the facility is testing the resilience of staff.
Mr McGuigan indicated steps also needed to be taken to ensure the JJC was not inappropriately used and children should not be placed their either because of expediency or their proximity to the facility.
Inspectors have also recommended that the alternative ways of delivering education and ensuring the quality and governance of healthcare provision should be explored.