Forensic pathology service good but business practice needs improvement

CJI Chief Inspector Brendan McGuigan has praised the standard of service and quality of reports provided by the State Pathologist's Department but called for improvements to be made to administration and business practices.  View report page.

"The State Pathology Department plays a key role in the handling of unexplained and suspicious deaths by preparing reports for the Coroners Service and assisting with criminal investigations, but the timeliness of reports is an issue.  Issues identified around governance and accountability also need to be addressed," said Mr McGuigan.
CJI have made two recommendations within this report which we believe if pursued with purpose and vigor would improve the effectiveness  and efficiency of the service.
This first recommendation is to consider including State Pathologist's Department within and future proposal to consolidate forensic services and the second to review the administration functions attached to the post of State Pathologists if a new structure is implemented.  The report also identifies seven areas for improvement.