Inspectorate examines Probation Board Community Service Schemes

CJI’s latest inspection report has examined the operation and management of the Probation Board’s Community Service Scheme in Northern Ireland.  The report has recognised the positive contribution community services schemes. View report. View Press Release.

“Inspectors have recognised that community service offered several acknowledged benefits and that the work carried out by offenders participating in the schemes was both socially useful and beneficial to the community. We found no evident concerns about public safety of undue risks associated with the community service schemes and that practice was consistent in both rural and urban areas, “said CJI’s Chief Inspector Dr Michael Maguire.  Dr Maguire said the report made 15 recommendations aimed at further strengthening the effectiveness of the community service schemes, which he said the Inspectorate would use to assess progress when CJI returned to carry out a follow-up inspection in the 2011-12 financial year.