CJI Senior Management Team

Jacqui Durkin is the Chief Inspector of Criminal Justice in Northern Ireland.

Photo of Jacqui Durkin, Chief Inspector of Criminal Justice in Northern IrelandJacqui’s role as head of the organisation means she has responsibility for ensuring the Inspectorate carries out a programme of inspection among the criminal justice agencies within its legislative remit.

She also has responsibility to report the findings of CJI’s work to the Northern Ireland Minister of Justice and to ensure the Inspectorate’s reports are laid in the Northern Ireland Assembly.

Jacqui was appointed as Chief Inspector with effect from 30 November 2019.  She is committed to working to secure improvements within the criminal justice system for the benefit of the community.

Prior to joining CJI, Jacqui worked as the Director of Wellbeing and Inclusion within the Department of Education and was policy lead for a number of key areas including Special Educational Needs, child safeguarding and protection, pupil behaviour, Looked After and Newcomer children and young people.

She previously held the role of Chief Executive and Accounting Officer of the Northern Ireland (NI) Courts and Tribunals Service and prior to this served in a number of senior operational and corporate service roles in the Northern Ireland Court Service.

During her career in the justice system, Jacqui led on a number of key service improvement strategies including the development and implementation of the Integrated Court Operations System that introduced digital technology, data sharing and services to the administration of the criminal courts in Northern Ireland. She was also the Northern Ireland Court Service operational lead for implementation of the criminal justice wide Causeway system.

James Corrigan is currently the Deputy Chief Inspector of Criminal Justice in Northern Ireland.

Photo of James Corrigan, Deputy Chief Inspector, Chief Executive and Accounting Officer, CJIHe joined CJI as an Inspector in October 2004. James previously worked for PA Consulting Group as a senior consultant in the public sector practice where he was responsible for a number of criminal justice projects. He previously worked as an international consultant on European Commission assignments and was a Research Fellow at Queen’s University Belfast.

He is also the Accounting Officer for Criminal Justice Inspection and as such must control the budget and monitor expenditure to ensure efficient and effective use of allocated resources.

James also holds the post of Chief Executive with CJI and is responsible for the day-to-day running of the organisation. James has led a number of thematic inspections for CJI including two separate reports and a follow-up review on reducing avoidable delay across the justice system. He has also been responsible for a series of efficiency inspections focused on improving procurement, making better use of consultants and the use of legal services by the justice bodies. James has conducted a number of inspections on different aspects of policing as well as undertaking agency inspections on Forensic Science Northern Ireland and the State Pathology Department.

 James holds an MA in Political Science and a BA in History and Politics both from the National University of Ireland (University College, Dublin).

Meloney McVeigh is the Business and Communication Manager of Criminal Justice in Northern Ireland. 

Photo of Meloney McVeigh CJI Business and Communications Manager.She joined CJI in April 2006 as Media and Communications Officer where she has responsibility for both internal and external communications.

She also has responsibility for providing professional advice and guidance to all staff on communication matters and maintaining the consistency and standard of all CJI's corporate communications in line with the objectives and ethos of the organisation.

Her position at CJI means she is responsible for handling and co-ordinating media enquiries on all aspects of CJI’s work and publicising, in partnership with other interested parties, the findings of all Inspections carried out by Criminal Justice Inspection. 

In addition, she has overall responsibility for corporate events and communication with external stakeholders.

Prior to joining CJI, Meloney spent three and a half years as a Press Officer within the PSNI Department of Media and Public Relations in Belfast.  Her professional background is in Journalism.  She studied for a BA in Journalism Studies at Napier University, Edinburgh and after graduating in 1997, joined a weekly newspaper in South Down - a post she held for five years.  She is a member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations.