Inspectorate finds community restorative justice scheme suitable to seek Government accreditation

Criminal Justice Inspection has published the findings of its inspection of a community-based restorative justice scheme operating in Newry and South Armagh. View press release. View report

The Inspectorate assessed the suitability of the scheme - which is operated by Community Restorative Justice Ireland – to seek accreditation under the Government Protocol for Community-Based Restorative Justice Schemes.  The Newry and South Armagh-based scheme was assessed in line with the criteria adopted by CJI when carrying out its previous assessments of CBRJ schemes in 2007 and 2008.  Inspectors found that the UN principles on Restorative Justice were being observed and senior police officers working in the Newry and South Armagh area indicated a relationship which held promise for the future was developing with the scheme. Brendan McGuigan, Deputy Chief Inspector with CJI said that on the basis of the evidence examined, the scheme was suitable to be considered for accreditation under the Government Protocol following the deliberations of the Suitability Panel.