CJI publishes 2020-23 Corporate Plan and 2020-21 Business Plan and Inspection Programme

Chief Inspector Jacqui Durkin has published CJI’s Corporate Plan for the next three years and annual Business Plan which includes the Inspection Programme for 2020-21.
“This is my first Corporate Plan as CJI’s Chief Inspector which is being published as we all deal with the ongoing impact of the Covid-19 public health crisis. The pandemic changed the way I consulted on the Inspection Programme included in the 2020-21 Business Plan and it will impact on the way CJI carries out Inspection fieldwork this year,” said Ms Durkin.

“Despite the changed environment we are operating in, CJI’s Inspectors and support staff remain committed to delivering our planned Inspection Programme and achieving the five wider strategic objectives we have set for this Corporate Planning period that are aligned with our vision of a better justice system for all.

“By reading our Corporate Plan, the annual Business Plan and Inspection Programme I hope everyone can see how we intend to contribute to achieving better services and delivery; better efficiency and effectiveness; better protection and safeguarding; better strategy and governance; and better outcomes for everyone,” said the Chief Inspector.

A video message from the Chief Inspector launching the Corporate Plan can be viewed on the CJI  YouTube channel