The Care and Treatment of Victims & Witnesses by the Criminal Justice System in Northern Ireland

Earlier this year CJI announced that it was about to commence an inspection of ‘The Care and Treatment of Victims and Witnesses by the Criminal Justice System in Northern Ireland’.  During recent months stakeholder engagement has been ongoing with key individuals and groups that have responsibility for policy, practice and delivery. 

Another vital part of this work is to speak with and listen to victims and witnesses who have first-hand experience of the criminal justice system.  A Northern Ireland Victim Charter was launched by the Department of Justice (DOJ) in January 2015.  As part of this inspection, CJI will examine and assess how and what impact the new charter is making. 
If you are a victim or a witness that has been through the criminal justice system since the introduction of the Victim Charter and you would like to contribute to this inspection, please do not hesitate to contact the inspection team by email at [email protected]
If you would like information on services currently available to victims and witnesses of crime, please go to the Department of Justice website by clicking here.