VCS still making positive contribution to criminal justice system

Chief Inspector Brendan McGuigan has welcomed the positive contribution made by the voluntary and community sector (VCS) to Northern Ireland's criminal justice system in a new inspection report. View report page.

"It is seven years since CJI last examined the work of the VCS and during that time, much has changed including the devolution of justice and a more challenging economic climate," he said.
"Inspectors found VCS organisations had remained flexible and innovative in its approach .  They continue to leaver additional funding from other sources to supplement monies received from the Department of Justice and its statutory agencies.  But short term and piecemeal funding linked with changes in the funding arrangements in place for VCS organisations was  found to be an issue," said the Chief Inspector.
More complex accountability arrangements and the resources required to fulfil these responsibilities were also proving challenging for some organisations.
CJI has made four recommendations in its Inspection report aimed at addressing issues which have been identified.