Public disorder requires partnership approach across the criminal justice system

CJI's Chief Inspector Brendan McGuigan has called for a partnership approach by all agencies within the criminal justice system to deal with public disorder when it occurs.  View report page.

Mr McGuigan said an effective response by the whole of the criminal justice system was needed to help build public confidence and support the rule of law.
"The PSNI has developed significant expertise in this area as Northern Ireland's history is littered with  outbreaks of public disorder but too often there are substantial delays between actual events and subsequent court hearings.
"The public must be reassured that all agencies are working to deal with such events when they occur and the consequences are seen more swiftly by local communities and offenders," he said.
Mr McGuigan has urged the Department of Justice to assist in the development of a strategy to provide a coordinated, swift response to incidents of exceptional or prolonged public disorder which could impact on public confidence, and to use the learning from and approach applied to the recent G8 summit preparations as a template for future planning.