CJI publishes findings of PSNI human resource inspection

Chief Inspector Brendan McGuigan has urged the PSNI to examine how it can best match its workforce to meet the future needs and demands of the community. View report page.

The report which makes seven recommendations aims to assist the PSNI to improve its workforce planning so that existing performance levels can be sustained and improved on in the future.
"We believe the adoption of the demand modelling approach - which matches resources against the projected demands for specific services - which has been used effectively by some police forces the UK and by other public services, would benefit the PSNI if it was introduced on a service-wide basis."
Mr McGuigan has also suggested that any changes should be it is closely linked to the review of the current People Strategy in order to secure buy in across the organisation.
Long term workforce planning would also enable the organisation to work to address skills gaps within the organisation and introduce clearer succession planning arrangements.