CJI publishes findings of prisoner escort and court custody inspection

Dr Michael Maguire has today published the findings of CJI’s recent inspection into the provision of prisoner escort and court custody arrangements in Northern Ireland.
The report made a number of strategic and agency specific recommendations aimed at improving the effectiveness and efficiency of existing arrangements. View ReportView Press Release

“With around 18,00 prisoners escorted to and from courts, prisons, hospitals, police custody, interviews and juvenile detention centres and over 200,000 people each year moving through the court system, prisoner escorting and court custody is an important element of the work of Northernn Ireland’s criminal justice agencies,” said Dr Michael Maguire, Chief Inspector of Criminal Justice in Northern Ireland.
“This report has recommended that a full market test of the arrangements for prisoner escorting and court custody arrangements should be undertaken in order to achieve continued value for money and consistency of service and performance,” he said.
Dr Maguire also indicated that in 2009, no releases had been made in error and the number of assaults on prisoners by prisoners was low.