Inspectorate reports of governance of Parole Commissioners for Northern Ireland

CJI has published the findings of an inspection examining the governance arrangements in place for the Parole Commissioners for Northern Ireland (PCNI).

The report recommends the PCNI should be repositioned within the Northern Ireland Courts and Tribunals Service (NICTS)as a means of recognising the judicial nature of the body, supporting their independence and reflecting arrangements governing parole bodies in the rest of the UK.


Speaking following the publication of the report, CJI's Deputy Chief Inspector Brendan McGuigan said:  "The Inspectorate recognises the high quality service provided and the contribution that the Parole Commissioners make to improving public safety.  We also acknowledge the low level of released offenders being recalled and the low number of applications being made seeking judicial reviews of decisions."


Mr McGuigan said the report however had urged the costs involved per case in Northern Ireland should be monitored.

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