Customer Service must be at forefront for PSNI

A new report by CJI has urged the Police Service of Northern Ireland to deliver against its stated intent of delivering personal, professional and protective policing to local communities.  View press releaseView reportView e-book summary.

Speaking following the publication of the report CJI's Chief Inspector Dr Michael Maguire stressed the importance of customer service in building community confidence in the PSNI.  "How the police engage with their various customers - whether you a victim of crime; a witnesses or an individual officers wish to speak to in relation to a police investigation is a cornerstone in developing community confidence.  A negative experience can create a barrier between the PSNI and the community it is there to serve, whereas a positive engagement that encourages problem solving, courtesy, visibility and accessibility can on the other hand, have positive far reaching implications far beyond that of the behaviour of individual officers," said the Chief Inspector of Criminal Justice in Northern Ireland.  He indicated that a consistent approach to customer service which was understood and applied across the Police Service was paramount to achieving success in this area.  He welcomed the initiatives already underway within the PSNI to embed a customer service ethos across the organisation and the commitment to improving how the police engage with the communities by the Chief Constable and senior management within the organisation.