Magilligan Prison inspection ‘immensely encouraging’

CJI’s Chief Inspector Brendan McGuigan has described progress made at Magilligan Prison and the focus on prisoner rehabilitation as immensely encouraging. View report page.
Speaking after the latest inspection report was published, Mr McGuigan said the multi-disciplinary inspection team had praised the leadership within the prison and the positive culture that existed between staff and prisoners.
“We found that partnership working was strong at the prison and the senior team had developed a clear vision of where it wanted to be and had made significant progress towards achieving these aims,” he said.
Mr McGuigan was also encouraged by the improvements in learning and skills provision and the level of prisoners involved in purposeful activity which had improved since the previous inspection.
“We were also pleased to find that health services had improved and that mental health provision was particularly good for those prisoners who were known to the service, “ said the Chief Inspector.
In conclusion the Chief Inspector of Criminal Justice said the inspection recognised the progress made at Magilligan but stressed the continued need for management within the prison to maintain a focus on delivering positive outcomes for prisoners.  A number of recommendations have been made to support further improvement at the facility including  the need for an integrated drugs and alcohol strategy to be developed to address supply reduction and psychosocial support issues.