Inspectors publish report on police custody arrangements

CJI Chief Inspector Brendan McGuigan has today published the findings of an inspection by CJI and RQIA of the standards and conditions of police custody arrangements in Northern Ireland.  View report page.
The inspection reviewed current practice within the PSNI and identified progress had been made in some areas in relation to police custody.
"Custody suites are a significant area of risk for the PSNI and we found steps were being taken to standardise practice and efforts made to improve conditions for both the benefit of staff working there and detainees," said Mr McGuigan.
"While we welcome this work Inspectors still had issues with aspects of the delivery of healthcare within the custody environment, particularly around the administration, storage checks and recording of medication.  
"This is an area which requires immediate attention to ensure the safe use and control of medicines," he said.
Mr McGuigan said the report also highlighted challenges in relation to dealing with children and young people in police custody that remained to be addressed.