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Roe House - Maghaberry Prison

Roe House - Maghaberry Prison


 Improvements have been made in the management of cleaning processes and cleanliness of the environment at Roe House, Maghaberry Prison, but continuous attention is required to ensure that all necessary steps are being taken to minimise potential risks of the spread of infection to prisoners and prison staff.


The Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority and Criminal Justice Inspection Northern Ireland carried out the inspection in August 2011 which was an unannounced follow-up to a similar inspection undertaken in July 2010.
When inspectors revisited in August 2011, of the 53 recommendations for improvement made in July 2010, 14 had been achieved (26%), 22 partially achieved (41%) and 17 not achieved (33%).
These inspections examined environmental cleanliness and infection prevention and control in Roe House to determine how the Northern Ireland Prison Service was managing this issue during an ongoing protest. The August 2011 inspection made 38 recommendations for improvement, the majority of which stemmed from the earlier inspection.
“The 2011 findings indicate that progress had been made to address the previous recommendations,” said Dr Michael Maguire. “However continuous work is required to minimise the potential for transmission of infection.”
An Action Plan from the Northern Ireland Prison Service indicates that as of February 2012, 32 recommendations have been actioned and four are delivered on an on-going basis.

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