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CJI commends developments in public protection arrangements

CJI commends developments in public protection arrangements

An independent inspection of public protection arrangements in Northern Ireland has highlighted progress made in the four years since CJI's last inspection was carried out. View press release. View report. View e-book summary.

Dr Michael Maguire said: "The management of serious offenders including sex offenders in the community is a high profile and critically important aspect of the criminal justice system.  We are pleased to report progress within each of the relevant agencies since we reported on this important area in November 2007.

The Chief Inspector of Criminal Justice indicated the introduction of legislation which had placed public protection arrangements on a statutory footing had been beneficial and underpinned improvements in the management of sex offenders.  He also welcomed the development of the co-located Public Protection Team where experienced police and probation officers worked together to manage offenders assessed as posing the highest risk and the most intensive level of supervision.
As part of this inspection, CJI has made 13 recommendations aimed at consolidating the progress made to date.
"The supervision of offenders is not prison in the community and there will always be the possibility of serious crime being committed.  While no set of arrangements can mitigate all risks completely, it is imperative the arrangements in place to protect the public operate effectively," said Dr Maguire.
"I would urge each of the criminal justice agencies and their partner organisations to continue to place public protection arrangements at the forefront of their work," he concluded.

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