Dr Michael Maguire speaks at Crown Prosecution Service staff conference

CJI’s Chief Inspector provided an insight into the similarities between inspection and management consultancy when he addressed the HM Crown Prosecution Service Inspection staff conference in London.

Dr Michael Maguire was one of a number of high profile speakers included Keir Starmer QC, Director of Public Prosecution in England and Wales and the Attorney General, the Rt. Hon. Baroness Scotland QC, who participated in the two-day event held at the Treasury Solicitors Office.  During his remarks, Dr Maguire reflected on his own background and experience in management consultancy, before moving on to contrast and point out the similarities which exist in inspection work.  He encouraged the CPSI staff present to consider what inspection teams could learn from consultancy.  This included looking at issues relating to what inspection was aimed to achieve and ensuring the right mix of staff were deployed on inspection work to reflect the wide range of issues to be covered.   The Chief Inspector went on to highlight the value that could be added to inspection work by expanding the use of benchmarking and the use of performance metrics as well as the need to ensuring organisational buy-in from inspected agencies within the constraints of public accountability.  Dr Maguire addressed the conference at the invitation of Stephen Wooler, Chief Inspector with HMCPSI.  To view a copy of Dr Maguire’s presentation, please click here.