Criminal Justice Issues Board meets CJI’s Chief Inspector

The Chief Inspector of Criminal Justice in Northern Ireland has met members of the Criminal Justice Issues Board to as part of CJI’s on-going engagement with representatives of from the criminal justice sector on its future inspection agenda.

During a presentation to senior representatives of the judiciary and Government, as well as colleagues from policing, prisons, prosecution, the court service, and the voluntary and community sector, Dr Michael Maguire outlined CJI’s inspection agenda for the incoming years.  Following the event, Dr Maguire said: “I welcome the opportunity I have had here to engage with the members of the Criminal Justice Issues Board about our inspection agenda.  I am delighted to have been able to attend this meeting at the Royal Courts of Justice in Belfast and discuss with those present, the various issues relating to the delivery of an efficient and effective justice.”  To view the Chief Inspector’s presentation, please click here.