Report on police custody facilities in Northern Ireland published by CJI

Criminal Justice Inspection has published its first inspection report examining the standards and conditions of police custody arrangements in Northern Ireland.  The report which reviewed practice within the PSNI under the legislative requirements of PACE - the Police and Criminal Evidence Act (Northern Ireland) Order 1989 and the OPCAT principles found that standards across Northern Ireland’s 21 designated custody suites to be of an acceptable standard. View report. View Press Release.

The report indicates there was a high level of awareness among staff in custody suites round the risk management and treatment of vulnerable persons, especially young people and those who were potentially under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  It also recommends that police and the UK Border Agency should explore alternatives to the use of police cells for immigration detainees, who are not being held in relation to a criminal office, but are awaiting transport to an immigration centre elsewhere in the UK.  The report also has urged the PSNI to examine its clinical governance arrangements in relation to forensic medical services.