Inspectorates publish report on Policing with the Community

CJI and HMIC have jointly published their inspection report on Policing with the Community in Northern Ireland.  The inspection report looks at the work carried out by the PSNI in the 10 years since the Patten Report was published to embed policing with the community as the core policing ethos. View Report, View Press Release


The report found that a real appetite to engage with the police existed within local communities.  It also showed that policing with the community was working best where neighbourhood officers worked in close partnership with community members to identify and find solutions to local problems.  The inspection report identified a number of areas where police practice could be further improved for example in developing more effective call handling arrangements to support neighbourhood policing work.  In response to the findings of the report the PSNI has developed an action plan to address issues that were identified by Inspectors.  This action plan will form the basis on which progress will be assessed when CJI and HMIC revisit this subject in approximately 18 months time.