Inspection of Prison Service Training and Development published by CJI

An inspection report published by CJI has examined the training and development opportunities provided for prison officers within the Northern Ireland Prison Service. The report urges the Prison Service to move towards the provision of developmental training aimed at supporting officers to move away from a turn-key role to that of a role model for prisoners. View Press ReleaseView Report

The report also stressed that training is central to ensuring the Prison Service is able to work more effectively to reduce re-offending and enhance public protection.
Speaking following the publication of the report CJI’s Chief Inspector Dr Michael Maguire said: “The role of the prison officer is critical to changing the behaviour of prisoners into helping to reduce re-offending.  The reality is that most people who are in prison will get out of prison at one point, and it’s very important that we understand that the prison officer is critical in interacting with prisoners on a day-to-day basis.  This report looked at was the kind of support that they [prison officers] had in carrying out that work.
“I welcome the fact that the Prison Service has produced an Action Plan in response to this report and I will be coming back to see the extent to which they are delivering on what they have signed up to in relation to the inspection recommendations in about 18 months time,” he added