Derry DPP receives Policing with the Community Presentation

Brendan McGuigan, CJI’s Deputy Chief Inspector has met with members of Derry District Policing Partnership to discuss the findings of the recent inspector report on Policing with the Community.

Brendan McGuigan pictured with Paula Jack, Assistant Director of the Public Prosecution Service, Susan Brew regional Manager Crimestoppers charity and Cllr Elisha  McLaughlin chairperson of Derry DPP.During the presentation, Brendan presented the main findings of the report and outlined the areas where substantial further work needed to be undertaken by the PSNI to achieve the ‘Patten Vision’ of Policing with the Community.  He also outlined the current accountability mechanisms and the important role of DPPs in helping to shape the type of policing demanded by the communities they serve. The discussion generated a lively question and answer session where DPP members took the time to probe the report findings and share their views as to how the relationship between the police and the community needed to change to deliver the ‘Patten Vision’.  Speaking after the event, the Deputy Chief Inspector said: “It was clear to me that in Derry DPP,  members are extremely well informed and focussed on improving the delivery of the policing service in the city.  This event was an excellent opportunity for CJI to showcase one piece of our work which is contributing to the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the CJS.” A copy of the presentation is available from the Speeches and Presentations section of this website.