CJI hosts Heads of Inspectorates Forum at Hillsborough Castle

Criminal Justice Inspection is hosting a meeting of 22 high ranking representatives from inspection and oversight bodies from across the United Kingdom at Hillsborough Castle.

The Heads of Inspectorates Forum provides an opportunity for key individuals working in the area of inspection and oversight to come together and discuss best practice in relation to inspection.  It also provides an opportunity for colleagues to learn from each other’s experience and discuss the type of meaningful scrutiny and regulation required.  During the meeting Paul Goggins MP, Minister of State for Northern Ireland gave a Ministerial perspective of on how the value of inspection could be maximised.  Delegates also had an opportunity to hear from Michael O’Higgins, chairman of the Audit Commission who looked at the requirement on inspection bodies to balance the burden of inspection with the need for a risk-based approach.  He also addressed the issue of meeting the conflicting ensuring a correct balance was obtained and the integrity of the inspection process maintained.