Why are criminal justice agencies inspected?

Why are criminal justice agencies inspected?
Criminal justice agencies are inspected to ensure they are delivering the best possible service to all sections of the community.
By carrying out inspection work with each of the criminal justice agencies, CJI provides independent evidence to Government, and to the public, that policies and processes which are in place within the individual agencies - and across the criminal justice system - are both appropriate and effective.
CJI’s inspection work also provides reassurance that criminal justice agencies in Northern Ireland are delivering a fair, impartial system of justice to the community. This is particularly important as some parts of the community in Northern Ireland have historically lacked confidence in individual agencies and in the criminal justice system as a whole.
Inspection can also provide a way in which to check criminal justice agencies are responding to community concerns and are encouraging community involvement where appropriate.
Inspection offers an opportunity to assess whether the agencies are carrying out their responsibilities in an efficient and effective manner and can help identify areas where improvements can be made that will help progress the criminal justice system.
By providing robust, evidence-based assessments of the work of all the criminal justice agencies, inspection makes a valuable contribution to Government’s aim of increasing public confidence in the criminal justice system.